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Celebrating Women Radio Pioneers Lady In Distress NFSA-ID: 414568 COURTESY: Grace Gibson Productions YEAR: 1950 CELEBRATING WOMEN RADIO PIONEERS SHARE  This collection celebrates the women who played an important professional role during Australia’s early years of radio broadcasting and became pioneers in media production techniques.They gained prominence as producers, directors, writers and performers at a time when most women were …


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Robert Menzies, 1939. Declarationofwarspeech

Australian Screen Online

The announcement by Prime Minister Menzies in 1939 that because Great Britain has declared war upon Germany, Australia is also at war.


Women played important roles during Australia’s early years of wireless communication technology and radio broadcasting. Australian women worked in wireless telegraphy for the war effort and in print journalism publishing weekly wireless journals. They worked as performers, comedians, singers and scriptwriters: For radio serials, talent shows and advertisements. These women had careers in a time when women were encouraged to stay at home as housewives and mothers. These women were pioneers of the Australian media and communications industry. Their work impacted profoundly, on the shaping of Australian cultural identity.

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Exhibitions on The Web Internship Company Name Sydney Living Museums (Historic Houses Trust of NSW) Dates EmployedSep 2014 – Dec 2014 Employment Duration 4 mos LocationSydney Living Museums Sydney Living Museums (sept 2014-Dec2014) Web & Screen Media and Interpretation and Exhibitions Intern Key Responsibilities & Achievements: • Creating complete packages for the web • Web content curation and development and …

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